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On April 18-22, it was held a Kyiv module of the Executive Lobbying & Advocacy Program – unique program for professionals in the sphere of government relations.

The course was organized by the Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute, Ukraine in partnership with the Public Affairs and Advocacy Institute, USA (American University, Washington, DC,

Video comment : Dennis Bazilevych Professional Lobbying and Advocacy Institute, Chairman of the Board

Representatives of «Lifecell» (mobile telephone network operator), «Sanofi Ukraine» (pharmaceutical company), «Metinvest» (financial holding company), «System Capital Management», «Portinvest» (financial holding company) and European Business Association were among Program’s participants.

At the very beginning participants discussed the prospects of lobbying institutionalization in Ukraine and legislative initiatives in the context of interests to the commercial sector. They learned how to distinguish the fundamental differences between lobbying and advocacy, using tools and platforms to make good decisions.

Chairman of Center for Public Expertise Lubomyr Chornii spoke about the art of company positioning in interaction with stakeholders. Co-founder of «PolitEyes» project Roman Suprun told about the art of designing of policy decisions.

Lubomyr Chornii
Roman Suprun

During the Skype-call with Brussels Rikard Jozwiak, expert in European politics, told about mechanisms of decision-making in European Union institutions and opportunities for informal influence at EU officials. He also stressed on necessity to enhance the sectoral presence of Ukrainian business in Brussels in order to lobby its interests during decision-making processes at the Euro-institutions.

Senior Resercher of the National Institute for Strategic Studies Dmytro Lyapin (photo) and Program partner Igor Pigarev shared experience of cost estimation of regulatory decisions for business

The Program partner Oleksandra Pavlenko told about the realities of passing the draft regulations. She noticed the necessity to work with all stakeholders, regardless of their positions. Consideration of all points greatly increases the chances of successful lobbying.

First Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Natalia Sevostyanova explained to Program participants the content of legal examination of the Ministry of Justice as a basis to promote new regulations

The former Head of the Parliament Health Committee Secretariat, Volodymyr Rudyy considered work of parliamentary committees and its role in new regulations promoting, shared technologies of lobbying or blocking of legislative initiatives based on specifics of rules of procedures at theVRU.

Head of Public-Private Partnership unit of the Investments Attraction Department of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Iryna Novikova had the opportunity to discuss with participants the content and prospects of public-private partnership.



The Program partners Maksym Drabok and Borys Tisenhausen with the business magazine «Denhy.UA» chief editor Olexandr Kramarenko talked about communication in the triangle «Business-State-Media» by providing practical  recommendations as to the interaction. The speakers also stressed on development and implementation of media campaigns and lobbying work with stakeholders and experts.

Olexandr Kramarenko
Maksym Drabok
Borys Tisenhausen

Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine (2014-2016) Olexii Pavlenko presented Ministry’s effective communication experience on decision-making in the context of successful sectoral communications during his tenure.


Well-known TV presenter Serhii Rudenko taught participants effective use and promotion of necessary messages in the Internet during live broadcasts on media.

Chairman of the Tax Committee of the Public Council under the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine Olga Bogdanova explained the essence of changes of the Tax Code. The Commissioner for Entrepreneurship at State Fiscal Service of Ukraine Taras Kachka described the mechanisms of Business-State Fiscal Service interaction.

Finally, the top managers completed practical tasks. They joined in two groups of participants and became irreconcilable opponents. One of it needed to work out the «Law of Ukraine On Lobbying» advocacy strategy, others had to block the initiative. After successful implementation the task, participants received a nice bonus as personal certificates.